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Love From Listeners.

I have experienced live music in yoga classes before but Jim blows it all away!! A truly amazing, talented, light being and his music flows through him bringing a whole new element to the yoga world.

- Amanda Deming

Jim is an amazing musician with so much heart. He's like a Hindu god with many arms, playing multiple melodies and grooves at the same time. It's an honor to know and jam with you!

- Visvambhar Sheth

I play River of Song in my classes and people go on a sacred journey with Jim's voice and musical style...we love you Jim

- Yoga Den Health Spa

Recently attended a class accompanied by Jim in Winter Park Florida. It was truly cool and a beautiful experience for my soul. Thank you for sharing your musical blessings on such an intimate scale.

- Heather Tufford

Jim, Thank You Again so much for sharing your dharma with me and my class. We are all transformed a little more now because of YOU!! Beautiful Music and Voice and Bhakti!

- Lori Michelle Love

Jim I was listening to you on Christmas eve. My heart still melts every time I hear your Saraswati Honey!

- Alejandra Siroka

Thank you for coming to Chicago! Your music is beautiful & the perfect compliment to yoga.

- Sherri Jalovecky-Dujmovich

Jim! Just had the glorious experience of listening to your new album....absolutely lovely!! Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us!!

- Edie Brady

Jim, you rock! Thanks so much for carrying me through a magical meditation and asana practice last weekend. Your gifts moved me closer to source!

- Danielle Custody

Thanks Jim Beckwith for your talent, time, energy, and love yesterday at Saul David Raye’s workshop at Exhale. Will be in touch the next time I can use amazing live music for one of my classes!

- Brian Hyman

Deep appreciation for your gift of sound this last weekend. Four days of beautiful vibrational sounds, rich harmonies, and vibrant vocals. Peace, peace, peace.

- Kristi Anderson

jim, thank you so much for being part of my amazing weekend!!!! :) I hope to be in your presence again soon!

- Christy Nelson Doyne

Loving the CD's I bought this weekend! Thanks for a beautiful retreat - you really are a gift.

- Suzanne Walker

Jim, You were awesome at the Saul David Raye sessions this weekend kirtan and yoga. Thank you for gracing us with your blessed gifts!!!

- Christina Roberts Enneking

Your music is such a gift! I am loving your cd's.

- Kirsten Warner

Thank you Jim for making this yoga retreat so much more enjoyable with your angelic voice and you amazing musicianship!

- Amanda Deming

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