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Both vocal and instrumental, they are fully preview-able here, and the 'buy' link will take you to my Bandcamp page, the site that lets you pay what you like to help support the artists you love; where a high percentage actually goes to the artist. It helps a lot when you buy direct. Thanks for all your love and support!

Be Love

Jim Beckwith & Hans Christian


Jim Beckwith's sublime vocals chant in English and Sanskrit with Hans Christian's lush orchestration that is a rich blend of Western classical and Indian musical elements. Soothing, yearning, and devotional music at its best. 

Be Love is a sublime recording project by two veteran musicians in the creative field of Vedic devotional music. Jim Beckwith is internationally recognized for his sublime vocals and deeply yearning expressions. Hans Christian is known for his works with RASA as well as a solo cellist and producer of many yoga music projects. Together, these two artists dive deeply into a yearning heart that expresses very sensitively the most humane condition- Love. 

There is nothing trivial about this project. Their creative chemistry has produced a heartfelt and superbly produced project that will inspire and delight listeners for years to come. Richly orchestrated and produced with a satisfying restraint throughout the CD, Be Love is a rewarding listening experience in a yoga class as well as at home, in the car, or on the go.




released July 20, 2017 

Jim Beckwith - Vocals, lyrics, guitar, sitar, Ngoni. 
Hans Christian - Cello, bass, slide guitar, esraj, arrangements, editing, mixing, mastering.

River of Song

a blend of english lyric & sanskrit chant

The River of Song - it flows  - like life; like emotions. Each day is different and we never quite know what it brings. Music can tap into our memories & feelings. One song can change your day. I hope these songs have a positive influence on your life. This is why I sing; to make a difference.  I was initially inspired by the art of kirtan, or devotional chant, by happening into a weekend workshop with Jai Uttal as I delivered a speaker system for a friend.  The magic of kirtan was instant love for me.  I had also been developing as a singer/songwriter for quite a few years before that.  It's quite natural for me to combine these two forms, and I feel it can make kirtan chanting a bit more accessible to the general public and yogis in the western culture who are new to this form of music. 


I hope you enjoy this new work immensely and derive inspiration from the experience. Much love and blessings on your path of learning and experience on this earth. 



Produced and mixed by Jim Beckwith

Associate Producers - Rick Franz, Stephen Angus, Saul David Raye, Yoshi Aono, Julie Jackson, Kat Tudor


Cello - Abby Scoville

Violin - Chase Nichter

Bass - David Watts (except by Yovannis Roque on Rise On Up),

Drums - Matthew Hufschmidt except Rogerio Jardim on 'In Love Again'

Backing Vocals - Jennifer Sparks and Jim Beckwith; Moksha Sommer of 'Hudost' on You Open Me.

Various percussions (tabla, kanjira, frame drum) - Manohar Gurung

Electric guitars - Yoshi Aono on Saturn and Venus and Give it Away. Jim Beckwith

Acoustic guitars and Ukulele by Jim Beckwith

Harp - on You Open Me by Jennifer Sparks

Soprano and tenor saxophones - Jeremy Powell on Om Sri Rama, Sambasada and Jai Ganesha

Various shakers and jingles - Jim Beckwith

Armemian duduk , udu, kanjira, mouth bow and all instruments on Free Me by Jim Beckwith

B3 organ by Bob Tudor on Sambasada, Om Sri Rama; and Jim Beckwith on Om Namah Shivaya

Recorded by Sean Ingoldsby in Ojai, CA and overdubs and Mixing & Mastering - Jim Beckwith in Ojai, Joshua Tree, Carlsbad, Redlands and Los Angeles, CA, St. George, UT, Boulder, Denver and Manitou Springs, CO


Special Thanks to: 

Saul David Raye, Kevin Lockwood, Rick Franz. Kim Miller, Kat and Bob Tudor, Sridhar and Bhakti Fest, Jaclyn Schwartz Young and Bob Jennings.



Lovelution is a mix of various mellow vocal tunes, some based on mantra, other originals with English lyrics and a couple favorites written by others.



released July 9, 2012 

All instruments and vocals on Lovelution are by Jim Beckwith. 

Recorded in the basement of a townhome in Boulder, CO. 

Like Rain is in accidental cowrite with David Newman. :) 
Imagine, of course, is by John Lennon. 

Girl Alone In the Room is by my good friend Tom Sturdevant 
Follow You Down is by James Vincent McMorrow

Step Right, Shake Left

Jim Beckwith’s release “Step Right, Shake Left” features Jim's tunes arranged and performed with Los Angeles-based band created by Bill Macpherson and Nee Sackey: Native Vibe. The band combines their world-influenced jazz/fusion sound with Jim Beckwith’s inspired vocals.


This cd has some heavy hitter guest artists, including Arnold McCuller, long-time backup singer for James Taylor and Lyle Lovett. Munyongo Jackson, percussionist for Stevie Wonder and Dianne Reeves, adds some percussion tracks. Vinx, introduced to the mainstream world by Sting in 1992, collaborates on percussion and vocals.

---"Vinx was the reason I started to play this drum, the djembe (jim-bay)", says Beckwith. "Sting brought him out on stage, and the sound of that drum with his voice alone was so amazing, I had to get one and learn to play."


--- an impressive piece of work My first thoughts are that I hear a lot what I would call sophisticated pop -- strong vocals, sharp arrangements -- it mixes in a lot of world-music, funk and R&B influences, somewhat along the lines of what Sting, Paul Simon and maybe Peter Gabriel do. I heard things that reminded me of Sting, of Vinx (he’s on this disk), Prefab Sprout/Blue Nile (the first track), Prince, the Neville Brothers and some African artists. Nice work. --Philip Booth

Music for Yoga

One hour of seamless instrumental compositions intended specifically for yoga asana practice. Beginning with ethereal flute and building in dynamics, it features an eclectic instrumentation including such instruments as sitar, various ethnic flutes, African harp, tabla, acoustic guitar, Clay pot, mouth bow and various percussions, throat singing, vibraphone and more.

This works best as a full album, as each song flows to the next.

Jai Hanuman!

Jai Hanuman – A tribute to Hanuman, this solo sitar instrumental CD is great for meditation, massage, etc. and was recorded in the early morning between 4 and 6 a.m. in the country near Chapel Hill, NC.

The stillness of the morning comes through, with sounds of birds in the background at the end as the sun rises. 

Maybe Man


Pure and simple, guitar and vocals.

A collection of mostly original tunes, just vocal and acoustic guitar. Songs in the most bare form recorded in Nashville with Charlie Chadwick. 

Includes a couple of songs from others, including Van Morrison’s ‘Crazy Love’, and Don Maclean’s ‘Vincent’ (Starry, Starry Night…about Vincent Van Gogh). 
Also, two songs by 2 of the best songwriters I know; 'Too Long Alone', written by my cousin, Joe White - a great singer himself. Also, a cover of a song by my good friend Antsy McClain, 'Inspector 372'.



released October 1, 2011 

Jim Beckwith, guitar and vocals 
Charlie Chadwick, recording and mixing





A compilation of tunes from various projects that didn’t necessarily get released, but deserved to be heard, including ‘Hallelujah’; tunes from a project with MOD - jazzy electronica with vocals; and some of the loveliest early recordings of lyrical songs. Also, a cover of the Beatles ‘Fixing a Hole’ and a couple of instrumentals, including a sitar piece; ending with an a-cappella traditional with layered vocals.

released October 28, 2004

Lovelution (remix)


This is a remix of a song I had written during the occupy movement. 
Today it relates to our political and social situation as much or more, and I've used it in a video to bring more awareness to the Standing Rock standoff, protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


LOVELUTION - Jim Beckwith 2011 

What we don't need now is the why ask why 
But what do we need to occupy? 
What to do? 
What's the solution?
Might we really need another revolution? 

No president will ever change the system 
PEOPLE want some power and you WANT TO be with 'em 
I heard the good words of Gil Scott Heron 
the people are resisting, and their clothes are tearing 

What does it take to rearrange, 
What's it like to really change? 
I ask it every day of my own damn self 
and I see my reflection in the bloody hell 

What to do? 
What's the solution? 
we got to start a Lovelution 
start with yourself to occupy 
we've got to learn to tame our - own damn minds 

* I see a lovelution coming on 
I'd love it to be easy but I think I might be wrong. 
it's probably getting worse before it gets better 
but if it's gonna happen it must be - better than never 

Well Come on Now, if you want a solution 
You're gonna have to Join the Lovelution! 
And if you do, well you're gonna see 
a BET-TER world for - you AND me 

Sadly, I THINK it might first get harder 
I know how it goes, I didn't write this charter 
didn't write this line JUST to bait 'ya 
but I'm quite familiar with the - - human nature. 

I WISH someday we'd JUST F*in' get it!! 
why we got to be so telepathetic? 
I could see it come a thousand miles away 
how about we open EYES and see it - and say… 

* I see a lovelution coming on 
I'd love it to be easy but I might be wrong. 
it's probably getting worse before it gets better 
but if it's gonna happen it must be - better than never 

Well Come on Now, if you want a solution 
You're gonna have to Join the Lovelution! 
And if you do, well you're gonna see 
a BET-TER world for - you AND me 

* I see a lovelution coming on 
We'll learn to be together in the radical zone! 
the world's become our living room 
and we need to learn to LOVE our family - real soon. 

* I see a lovelution coming on 
I'd love it to be easy but I might be wrong. 
it's probably getting worse before it gets better 
but if it's gonna happen it must be -- better than never 

* I see a lovelution coming on 
I'd love it to be easy but I - might be wrong.


released November 8, 2016 
Jim Beckwith

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